Amazing customer service! Your team was excellent on Saturday. Our daughter and all of her friends had a fantastic time! Thank you for everything. Rebecca

I wanted to tell you what a big help your host was last night! She was extremely attentive plus she even helped staple the complimentary passes to our loot bags – so very helpful especially because I was running behind. We were excellently served, two years in a row and never disappointed. It can be overwhelming/difficult at events considering my son’s special needs but you guys have always been exceedingly professional and helpful and understanding. Thank you! Tania

The kids had an absolute blast and I’m a convert to “outsourced” parties! It was so easy to just show up with cake and goodie bags and let the kids run wild. No set up and no clean up or food prep were pretty great from my perspective. We even added a gluten free dominos pizza and everything just “magically” appeared. Thank you! Barb

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